Good Service Sells

John Beacom runs a substantial dairy enterprise in partnership with his brother Will milking over 1,000 cows, spread across three farms in Fermanagh and one in the south of Scotland, totalling almost 485ha all of which is in grass.

To cover such a large area of land requires a small army of machinery and looking around the farmyard one brand is definitely predominant - CLAAS.

This was a milestone for us, the JAGUAR was a far superior machine than our previous forager, the performance was outstanding, and we have never looked back. 

After some careful consideration we decided to go for a slightly more powerful machine which comfortably covers 6ha/hour, saving us time which is vital due to weather pressures and commitments elsewhere on the farm.

I cannot fault CLAAS or their dealers whatsoever, ERWIN who look after the forager are top notch. Service is what sells machines and I can confidently say that I am a loyal CLAAS customer.

John Beacom

John Beacom Farms

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