Just like the JAGUAR forager range, the family business has grown and evolved to what it is today.

The successful family contracting business has continued to grow, moving from bales to a series of trailed single-, double and precision chop machines and their first self-propelled in 1978. But in 1989 the McConaghys went to a demonstration of the CLAAS JAGUAR 690 and were impressed by its appetite for big rows of grass.

“My mother asked what did we think, and I told her how it was able to pick up twice as much grass as our current machine,. She commented if that was the case it must be a wild pile of money, but my father came in and said he didn’t care how much it was, we were going to buy one.” Robert Junior.

Bob, Robert and Andrew McConaghy

JAGUAR 970 x 2

McConaghy Contracts

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