Tractors have been a key part of the CLAAS product offering for the past 15 years. The range has continually developed alongside the latest breakthroughs in agricultural technology. CLAAS are at the forefront of innovation, there are now more than 50 reliable, hi-tech machines in the range.

We offer an array of CLAAS tractors to suit your land, whether your land is flat, steep, vast or narrow. A popular model, the XERION, is available from our dealerships. Delivering an engine output of up to 530 hp, the largest of the XERION machines is powered by a 6-cylinder engine by Mercedes Benz. The tractor has four driven, equal-sized wheels, which reliably transfers this power to the ground.

Other tractors include the ARION, AXION and ATOS. Each are specifically designed to cover a range of diverse requirements. The AXION 960-920 CEBIS model has a unique 3-finger operation thanks to the CMOTION multifunction control lever. Further, it has a 12” CEBIS display with touchscreen, electronic spool valves, CSM headland management and field and implement management.

For tight spaces, a frequent characteristic of orchards and vineyards, we would recommend the ELIOS tractor. This agile tractor has a longer wheelbase and a short front overhand to guarantee a stable ride and price handling. With a narrow external width of just 1.00 m the machine is more manoeuvrable than ever before, fitting comfortably down every row.

With mixed terrain in Northern Ireland, we provide a wide range of CLAAS tractors to suit your individual needs. Our personal approach means we can help you select the right machine.

Visit one of our agricultural machinery dealerships or browse online to learn more.

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